Longer School Day

Teachers and Parents Together

I think a longer school day is a no brainer. I think teachers know it, and parents see it. Teachers know that drilling core subjects to a tired, cranky class will get you nowhere fast. This is why enrichment from the Arts and P.E. is not a nice little extra; it is a requirement.

Arts programming in the form of Music stimulates, refreshes, soothes souls AND boosts Math scores. In the form of Drama, it improves reading, comprehension, promotes problem solving, is goal oriented, inclusive, multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, and multi- cultural. In the form of Visual Art it allows children to communicate and express themselves effectively.

P.E. programs instill a lifetime love of physical activities. Introducing children to team sports and individual fitness techniques improves health over a lifetime.

Children who are lagging behind academically and become disillusioned with school can be lured back in and nurtured on the strength of their love for a particular art or sport. CPS should make student retention and graduation their number 1 goal- there is just no better way to do this. Make school fun for kids!

We need to work with teachers to make this a reality for our kids. We need to ask teachers what they would need and how they would like to spend that time is.

This longer school day cannot come down on the backs of our already undervalued, overworked teachers. The longer day needs to work FOR teachers.

If Teachers had free periods to do prep-work and grading that would cut down on their work hours outside the classroom.

I applaud CPS for opening this forum as a way to solicit feedback and hear everyone's voice.

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