Longer School Day

Thank you

Many thanks to Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Brizard for making education in Chicago a priority.

I would like to see the following:

-more specialized education

-tech classes

-musical instruments

-specialized tutoring

-foreign language

- core classes (math, Lang arts/reading, science, social studies) lengthened with emphasis on forward movement instead of homework review

-recess and any necessary breaks reasonably needed.


I would like to add that needs vary school to school and implementation should be individual. With all due respect to teachers, our local and global economy will only allow a finite monetary reward. Please help us create a stimulating and progressive education for our kids.

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Longer School Day

Ideas on how to use the Extra Time in the Longer School Day

The "Longer School Day" could be administered in the following way;


Start time 7:00 - 8:30


Programs offered: 45 minutes Performing Arts + 45 min Skills Gap Tutorial


Performing Arts Courses Offered - Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Visual Arts, Orchestra or Band

Skill Gap Course - Taught by College Students who major in Education (Reading or Math) as an internship


Reading Tutorial:

Weak Readers - Phonics drills and decoding small narratives. How to respond to a writing prompts would also be done in exercises.

Strong Readers - Discussion groups to pull out and discuss key elements of the story. Organizing a response to writing prompts. How to write a response that would receive a top score on a standardized exam by reviewing sample essays and doing practice work.


Math Tutorial:

Students behind in Math - Tutor would be teaching Basic Math (Addition, Subtract, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and introduce percents. How to decode a simple word problem that has multiple steps, review of basic math vocabulary, rules and properties. How to check your work should be covered.

Average Students - Review basic skills to address any skill gaps, focus then on decoding word problems. Algebra basics. Work out problems by hand and only using a calculator to check work. Review of math vocabulary, rules and properties.

Above Average Students - Assess their skills, address any concerns and do higher level math problem solving, discreet and linear math and probabilities. (School counselors could match them up with Saturday programs that will also challenge them as well.)


These tutorial would also have a break time!


Hopes this suggestion is useful.

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Longer School Day

Longer School Day

I really think the longer school day would really benefit the children in the Chicago Public Schools, but the approach needs to be centered and geared towards the children. I don't believe additional classes or courses need to be added to the school day, but I feel some courses should be extended to lengthen the school day to meet the new hours.


What I mean by really benefiting the children in schools is targeting areas that we know need to be targeted. Reading, Writing, Math and Science are those critical areas, specifically targeting Reading (comprehension/critical thinking) and Writing.

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